About Us

Our Company

Founded in 2004, Wong Pharmacy Services Inc. (WPS) has been a foremost leader in virtual pharmacy services. We focus on providing a variety of innovative and cost-effective, remote, inpatient and outpatient pharmacy services to VA Medical Centers throughout the country. WPS is currently engaged with 34 VA Medical Centers providing inpatient and outpatient coverage.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality virtual pharmacy services to meet our clients’ varied needs.

Benefits at A Glance


  • Money you save with us can be used in other areas, leading to increased quality of patient care.
  • Save money on hiring employees and paying for their benefits.
  • No worry about hiring freezes, budget increases or overtime allotment.

Cost-efficient 24/7 pharmacy coverage.

  • Overnight coverage for inpatient pharmacy coverage
  • Continued staffing shortages related to vacancies, extended sick leave of pharmacists throughout the network


  • Efficiency and Accuracy leading to increased quality of patient care in a timely manner based on your internal time guidelines.
  • Increasing volume of work related to new patient access and national and VISN initiatives for switching patients to a contracted agent

Here when you need us

We offer flexible, long-term or short-term contracts based on your need.   Once under contract, we are available 24/7 to assist you.