Our Services

WPS is a virtual pharmacy service which provides a range of after hours pharmacy operations to healthcare professionals within the VA system. Our service aids VA hospitals in achieving compliance with regulations related to overnight pharmacy staffing at a fraction of the cost required for on-site access to licensed pharmacy professionals. While adhering to local VA policies and procedures, WPS will process inpatient orders, answer questions regarding inpatient care, contact nursing staff or provide physician consultations as needed, and CMOP orders verification. WPS promises all records remain current, allowing for continuity of care and seamless interaction between local VA facilities and WPS. In this way WPS significantly reduces costs while enhancing patient care and safety both overnight and during staffing shortages.

What WPS offers at a glance:


Remote Orders

Order review and processing coverage are available during peak business times, after hours, or as needed for relief work as a result of reductions in on-site staff (examples: vacations, illnesses, temporary leaves of absence).


First Dose Review

Pharmacists are available to review medication orders for possible problems and provide dosage instructions to on-site nurses prior to the first administration of each prescription. This fulfills regulatory requirements for hospitals and protects patients from potential hazards such as allergic or adverse drug interactions.


Drug Information Resource Center

Therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacokinetic monitoring (with laboratory access to relevant, up-to-the-minute patient data) are also provided to assess the absorption and efficacy of prescription drug therapies for individual patients. This helps healthcare professionals optimize drug therapies based on current patient information and avoid under or over dosing issues.


After Hours Care and Support

Professional consultations for nursing and medical staff are accessible through the WPS Toll-Free phone number 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This guarantees accurate drug information to help healthcare professionals provide quality continuous care for patients—as needed, when needed, anytime in the day or night. WPS can also be reached by fax and email.